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About the Cargin Moss Black Belt Academy

We strive to be the very best Taekwon-do academy. Personal development for children and adults alike is our thing, and we hope that we're helping every day, but don't jus take our word for it. Have a read of the fantastic testimonials left by our students and parents below. If you would like to know what we can do for you simply call us on 01604 722 227 or contact us by completing our short form.

“You’re enemy is not always human. If it wasn’t for my improved reaction from training at the academy the pane of glass would have smashed over my head causing severe damage”

Mr S Wallet - Builder

“I have been bullied in school and I had 10 cuts. Next morning I got bullied again but this time I behaved in a mature way....and had no cuts. I am very happy that I know Tae Kwon Do. Thank you. ”

- Aravind

Helping my Boys
by Mrs Monica Doyle

Both my sons have developed in many ways from attending this A* Academy. I would like to thank Master Moss and all the team for all that they promote alongside teaching the skills in Tae Kwon Do. I am very proud of my sons and look forward to many years ahead with the academy.

Mr. Ray Stent thinks well of us

I want to take this opportunity to thank all concerned on the very high quality of training that is passed on to the students. My friend’s daughter is after a short time already developing skills and techniques, but more important her confidence levels have soared. I thank you for what you have done already. Please keep up the very good work and the standards that you install in your students

Mantas joined at 13,
he shares his thoughts

At age 13 I was going on the wrong path in my life, but when I joined The Academy, I changed. I started walking on the right path and achieving goals that I was dreaming about before I joined. Thank you.

Fun Day Competition
By Mrs Emily Carroll

My son attended his first Funday Competition recently and had a fantastic time. It was great to see so many families come along to watch and encourage each other's children. There was a great atmosphere which really bought out the best in all the competitors. Every child who took part received a certificate and were made to feel proud of themselves. We are delighted with the progress our son has made since joining the academy, both in tae kwondo and in his behaviour.

Mr and Mrs Fleuchar Write

I would like to express our sincere thanks to you all for enabling Cameron to succeed so well at your academy especially bearing in mind his difficulties with bi-lateral co-ordination, balance and stamina, due to his dyspraxia, hypermobility and low muscle tone. I am happy for you to pass this message on to anyone whose child has special needs.

Mrs Jeffreys,
from Northampton writes:

When first joining, my son had a problem with his temper. Your academy has given him focus, control with his temper, and ability to release energy built up. Your one-to-one conversations with him also aided his teaching considerably.

Mrs Pittam,
from Kingsthorpe writes:

Since joining the academy, my son has grown from a child lacking in self confidence to one able to do things that we thought not possible. He still has some things to develop, but I am confident your academy can help.

Mr and Mrs Turner Write

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the effort you put into the teachings at the Academy. You provide the pupils with opportunities to learn much more than Tae Kwon Do by teaching principals, respect, manners and self confidence.

Mr and Mrs Pettit write

In November our daughter was presented with her Junior Black Belt and it was one of the proudest moments in our lives. She has turned into the most respectful and grown up child that anyone would be proud of. We feel this is mostly due to The Cargin Moss Black Belt Academy and all the people who attend it.

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Miss S Brown - Welfare Officer

Featured CMBBA Success Story

With my job, I have to visit people in their homes. I joined three years ago to gain the inner confidence to face any possible dangerous situation with the awareness and technique to deal with it effectively

CMBBA Has Helped Me
by George Campion · 9 months ago

Since I have joined the Academy I have learnt to keep calm under peer pressure and I have learnt a lot over a short period of time.I hope I stay here for many years to come.

Birthday Party
Mrs Emily Carroll · 7 months ago

Our son celebrated his birthday with a Party at the Academy. It was a fantastic afternoon -the feedback from all the children was great. it was excellent value for money and I would recommend to anyone who has a party to plan.

Overcoming Intense Bullying at School
Mrs Cunningham, Northants writes: · 5 months ago

Before joining your academy, my son suffered from intense bullying, and thus lacked self-confidence, and suffered from low grades at school. After joining your classes, a noticeable improvement has been made. His grades have increased, and his general attitude at home shows a lot more positive feeling in himself.

Tim Picture
Mark Symmons · Last Year

At 27 stone and out of shape but with previous martial arts experience when I came to the club I have never felt ridiculed or criticised at the club. I have always been treated with respect and even after breaks in training have always been welcomed back as part of the family I truly feel amongst friends

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