The Academy is open with a very strong social distancing policy and booking system  
I have sent everyone an email this morning (Monday 10th August) If you have not received this please check your junk mail (if it is there drag into your inbox) can you also reply to it. 
If you have not recieced the email can you let me know please you can use the 'Contact Us page with your current email and mobile numbers in case we are not up to date 
Please get into a habit of opening emails or your system will start blocking them completely  
We will be able to return as long as we adhere:  
To our social distancing policy 
• To control the numbers of students 
• Have a list of who trains /trained on each session for tracing if needed 
• Keep the social distancing through out and increased distance for the training 
• Provide cleaning products and inform of our procedures 
The policy will be sent to everyone, we will also have a booking in system of which you need to pre book classes 
Master Moss and Mrs (Master Moss) 
Our members payment is by standing order (not Direct Debit) which is more customer friendly, which means the academy has no control over them, if you wish to cancel then you will have to do so. If however you keep it going you will automactically  
be recognised as a member of our 'Loyalty Members club' details below
We are Live Streaming every Friday at 11am free for everyone go to to register your place, this is interactive so you can post questions and comments before, during and after. 
‘Loyalty Members club’ with special benefits, which will include: 
• No coloured belt grade fee for 12 months - on our return, + additional discount for the following 12 months. (being invited is subject to the usual conditions of being of standard with the minimum training time) 
• Very big discounts on any black belt grades for the next 24 months + plus a discount in year three. (being invited is subject to the usual conditions of being of standard with the minimum training time) 
• Discount on anything bought at the academy within the next 12 months. 
• A Free seminar which will be scheduled with the next 12 months (different seminars to cover different age/ syllabus requirements) 
• Your monthly payment fee will be excempt of any increase due to the continuation of payment. 
As you are all aware we already have a great system that enables you to make up some of the missed sessions (which is obviously out of our control) 
I thank you in advance to all of you that are going to be considered as Loyalty Members, of which enables us to operate in the same manner as we have over the past 4 decades. 
Master Moss MBE 

A Calmer and More Confident You Learn an effective self defence system which can help the whole family Northampton's Premier Martial Art's School - Where success comes as standard Cargin Moss was awarded an MBE  in the Queen's New Year Honours List 2016, for his services to 'Taekwondo, the Community and Charity'. Congratulations to Master Cindy Moss For being promoted to 7th Degree, the first lady Master  in the UKGT. To Email us - Click Here  

Welcome to the 'Cargin Moss Black Belt Academy' martial arts club in Northampton. Having served the community since 1982 teaching adults and children structured classes, it is our pleasure to welcome you to the most comprehensive Martial Arts Self defence program in Northamptonshire. 
Our black belt martial arts academy has 28 discipline classes running 5 days a week for all ages and levels (including our adult day time classes), which means you are able to choose which days suit you to train in our easy to follow time table. 
View one of our ‘clips’ to see your luxury 4,000 square foot, Judo matted training facilities, with separate viewing and reception areas, secure changing rooms and you can park in our Free spacious car park. 
Our main instructor who fully qualified and experienced Black Belts:  
Master Cargin Moss MBE 8th Degree Senior Master in Taekwon-do  
Master Cindy Moss 7th Degree Master in Taekwon-do 
To Get Going: Contact us on 01604 722 227 to find out more information on becoming a member of our black belt martial arts academy or our TRIAL PROGRAM, and find out how we can get you involved and start achieving at the Cargin Moss Black Belt Academy. Alternatively complete our short contact form for more information. 
Our Guarantee: If you follow our program fully we will get you to Black Belt in Taekwondo in three years. This has been tried and tested and proven to work. You will be improving your Fitness, Health, Mind, Body, and Soul. 
The academy is a full member of The National Governing Body United Kingdom Global Taekwon-do (U.K.G.T) and affiliated to the world body, International Taekwon-do Federation  
The Cargin Moss Black Belt Academy complies with and maintains the requirements needed to be a member of the N.G.B covering Health & Safety, Child Protection, Risk Assessment and Code of Conduct. All instructors are DBS checked. 




‘Why people join is not why people stay with us. When they get fitter, more confident, are more comfortable to defend themselves they find other goals and reasons to continue.’ 
Our program and discipline classes guide you to increase: 
A defined confidence for yourself 
Improvement in your balance 
and strengthen your mental discipline 
as well as Gain stronger co-ordination, flexibility and reactions,… and much much more. 
It's a fun way for you to get in shape and stay in shape, gain muscle tone and feel great, with a newer fitter you. 
Martial arts and Self defence capabilities 
You will learn effective and powerful self-defence as well the fundamental attitudes appropriate to those skills. The basic attitude of a successful Martial Artist and a successful person are respect, discipline, goal setting and effective leadership 
Through the Martial Arts training, you can develop self motivation, goal setting, achieving and perseverance. 
Goal Setting 
Goal setting is a necessary road map for a successful life. It was once said that ‘If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail’. On the road towards a Black-Belt you can gain the experience and a feeling of success by earning progressively higher ranks. 
As you work with your fellow students you will develop communication skills, also, at the level of Blue-Belt, you will be able to participate in our Leadership Program. 
Whilst training in the Martial arts the improvement of your motor skills, self-defence techniques and your strong awareness of your mental self protection, you will feel the confidence build and your self esteem begins to follow suit. 
“A third of the academy are female, which speak’s for itself. Men may train if it is rough and tumble, but ladies won’t”. This echo’s our philosophy that people join a martial arts school to learn ‘how not to get hurt’ you do not want to get hurt learning ‘how not to get hurt’ which unfortunately occurs in non professional set ups. 
Through the Martial Arts philosophy and customs, the student learns to build superior relationships based on respect and friendship 
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