Fight like a Movie Star

Learn the techniques within this film

You can feel and look as confident as the guys in the scene. Pay attention as Master Moss breaks down the detail of each of the techniques involved.

In this class "Lesson One : Basic High Block With Counter" you will learn;

  1. How to prepare yourself mentally and physically for training
  2. An effective and fundamental defensive block
  3. Your first counter-attack
  4. How to chain moves together so they flow
  5. Repetition and how it is the key to success

Learn, Enjoy, Progress

Enjoy learning the techniques in this first video lesson. We look forward to seeing you in lesson two.

Have you ever wanted to fight like your favourite movie star and look so cool?

You can learn how they are able to do it in easy to copy instructional sessions

This is possible and achievable as many people are training regularly and not for a movie or a foe but the skills in themselves ….and having a lot of fun in doing so

Learn These Moves

[Part 1 of the CMBBA 'Fight Like A Film Star' Series]

“Ever watch an action movie featuring your favourite movie star and think” ..  “wow .. I wish I could be that good with the speed grace and be as talented as that? …… guess what … You’re not alone”
What you are accessing

This is the first of three video’s, we are going through some of the techniques you have just seen, so you can have a go to look and feel like the movies star you admire We are going to break it down and go through it slowly so you can learn how to put it together.

  1. The first technique is the defence from a straight or swinging punch Then counter punch from close range Suggests how to enhance your practise

  2. Second video we will go through some leg techniques and some other hand techniques.

  3. The third one we will go through that dynamic spin so you can have a go at that.

“How great would it be to be that cool”

  • to start a Free access to try some of these techniques for yourself” “You will glad you did”
  • whilst learning it with a break down off ‘what you need to do’ to train like an action movie character.”
  • “You want to copy the movie stars and they want to copy us learn what we can do and now you can too.”

If in the mean time you want to contact us there’s a link down here somewhere so you can send us a message if you want advice on what you are doing or you would like get in contact with us and try in the academy and work with some of the guys you have just seen.

Thanks for your time - I hope you have enjoyed

Thank you

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