Our Structured Programme Ensures Safety Whilst Learning.

Beginner, intermediate and advanced classes available five days a week. The Academy is a full time professional school based in its own dedicated premises in your area. We have a large percentage of female members in our adult classes. If you would like to discover new skills then call us for our INTRODUCTION TRIAL with no obligation on 01604 722 227 or complete our short contact form. We run separate classes Monday to Thursday and Saturday mornings for:

Children 5-7 Years
CMBBA Mighty Morphs

The Martial Arts teaches children to respect themselves, others, and for adults and those in authority. It can also teach them to do well in school.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 4.45pm
Saturday 10am

All our instructors are DBS checked. The academy is also Ofsted Registered

Children aged 7-13
Beginners and Advanced

Within the children’s classes we have a unique syllabus specially designed for your children to learn and enjoy.

Monday, Tuseday, Wednesday, Thursday 5.30pm and 6.15pm
Saturday 10.45am and 11.30am

We include our unique ‘Character Development Program’ which addresses areas of your child’s thoughts and emotions.

Teenager and Adults
Beginners and Advanced

The Beginner Class starts at 7pm, there is an Advanced Class which starts at 8pm once our students progress.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Saturday 12.15

Young adults learn to have inner strength to say no to unhealthy peer pressure; to make a commitment to become a better person.

What Next?

If you would like to know what our students and parents think of the Cargin Moss Black Belt Academy please view some of our testimonials. Don't forget, we offer a FREE TRIAL program for all classes.

The CMBBA Community

We are more than just another martial arts club. We are a community. Many of our members have stayed with the CMBBA family for decades and made strong, long lasting friendships here.

Special Events

We host ‘Birthday’ and ‘Christmas’ parties with the martial arts theme, reduced rates for members and still available to non members details on request. - 01604 722 227

Sheets System

We have a monthly system where our younger students fill out guided sheets to encourage them to practice their newest skills and drills in a structured manner. Our Character Development Program incorporates aspects of how you think and believe helping our young students to grow into progressive members of society.

Our Martial Arts Dojang Is Our Second Home

Here are some pictures from our Academy Training Hall. You can see what our practice space looks like and is fully equipped with everything we need to practice safe martial arts.

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